Ultra-High Current, Ultra Small, Ultra Efficient, Ultra Rugged, Ultra safe, Ultra Reliable are just some of the Elmo drive capabilities for perfect unmanned robotics

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly more intelligent, and are now much more than just the traditional “material handling” carts which move pallets from one point to another.

AGVs today are an embedded component, and an essential part, of the “Automated Factory” challenge.

AGV technology has already established itself as a vital link in “Flexible Manufacturing Systems” (FMS), and this trend is constantly growing.

Given the demanding nature of production processes, it is critical that AGVs perform with extremely high servo performance (unlike traditional AGVs, where drives are essentially just frequency converters and are too basic for a manufacturing process).

Elmo solutions for the AGV industry ensure fast and stable response, exceptionally smooth low and high speed operation, high resolution accuracy position performance, utmost reliability, high level field bus, and meet the most severe safety standards.

From reliable and traditional material handling, to controlling the motion of a complex mobile robot, Elmo offers the most comprehensive solutions for AGVs.

In addition to ultra-high currents, extremely high efficiency, ruggedness, and safety, possess all the right capabilities to best meet “modern” AGV challenges:

  • Safety
    Reliable, certified safety functionality ensures utmost human and equipment safety in AGV operation
  • Compact design
    Ultra compact servo drives make AGVs smaller, better suited for confined space operation
  • Efficient Battery operation
    Power efficient operation ensures a more productive AGV, keeping it away from dock stations longer
  • Reliable High Current Battery Operation
    Low voltage operation, heavy loads, and unpredictable terrain all demand high currents that can be handled easily.
  • Overcoming obstacles easily
    Elmo ‘R’ type drives help AGVs overcome any hurdle with ease.
  • No sudden stops
    Intelligent thermal management ensures load safety by preventing risky sudden stops.
  • Precise efficient and smooth motion
    Precise AGV positioning and accurate multi-axis maneuverability made possible by advanced servo control; high dynamic range keeps AGV motion smooth regardless of extreme load and speed variations
  • Rugged design
    Elmo’s rugged design and high efficiency drives help AGVs handle mobility obstacles and environmental extremities
  • Varying loads
    Unstable motion caused by extreme load variations is eliminated with intelligent load adaptive operation

As a result of Elmo’s long experience with unmanned applications Elmo offers the most comprehensive motion control solutions for all unmanned vehicles, including a wide selection of ultra-compact, ultra-light, high power density drives.

Compact, high power solutions
Efficient battery operation
Ruggedized design for any environment
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Collaborative Robotics
Safe Multi-Axis Control
Advanced Kinematic Support
Compact In-Joint Installation
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Fast & accurate inspection, processing and handling processes
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