The ideal servo drive for linear motors

Typical linear motors scenario requirements involve very smooth, very precise, “gentle,” low speed and force operation combined with “sharp” very fast, stable, high acceleration/deceleration movements.

The G-OBOE exhibits unique high current loop accuracy and a dynamic range of 1/2000, providing a very fast response, wide bandwidth, position loop at sampling rates of 100us@480VAC. This designates the G-OBOE as the perfect servo drive for linear motors and DDRs (Direct Drive Rotating Motors).

With the capability of Peaking almost 10,000W @ at up to 480VAC, a regeneration capability of 3000W packed in a super compact rugged metal package of only 72mm x 140mm x 110mm, and weighing only 1.1Kg describes the G-OBOE10/480VAC, perfect for “mounting anywhere” within the machine, next to the motor, on the moving load. This critically decreases moving cables, saves space, and eliminates electrical cabinet hardware.

The GOLD OBOE ratings are 13A/270VAC, 3A/480VAC, 6A/480VAC, 10A/480VAC.
The G-OBOE is a new member of Elmo’s GOLD line AC input servo drives, which includes the Gold Bassoon (up to 10A/270VAC) and Gold Tuba (up to 40A/480VAC).