Elmo’s perfectly tuned motion orchestra Boosts your machine beyond its boundaries

Meet us at IAS, Shanghai, CHINA 3-7, Hall 6.1 Booth E109 22 October 2015, Elmo China – Elmo Motion Control, a global leading provider of advanced motion control solutions will demonstrate its Maestro series – a state of the art Machine Motion Controller integrated with intelligent GOLD Servo drives provides the optimum solution to achieve rapid, simple, and unequaled machine operation.

The Maestro is Elmo’s Machine Motion Controllers family, featuring World Class Multi- Axis Capabilities.
Advance machinery functionalities, highly efficient Network Mastering, and operation in conjunction with Elmo Servo drives creating unbeatable “World Class” Solution. Optimized performance of any mechanical load using the built in advanced control algorithms and features of Elmo’s powerful perfectly tuned servo drives. Multi-axis advanced motion blending, superimposed motions, real-time updates of target positions, 1D, 2D, 3D high resolution error mapping, ECAM, smart Gearing, High Order Polynomial motion segment and trajectories buildup, PVT, PT, and spline profiling’s will execute any multi-axis motion scenario with high precision and rapid response. Controlled by the Maestro the best utilization of Elmo’s smart drives is achieved for smooth, accurate, wide bandwidth and fast response movements.

“The “Motion-Without-Programming” evolution enables implementation of the most advanced applications by simply using “ready to use” “Smart Building Blocks” without the need for motion or servo expertise, ensuring the most efficient real time operation. The innovative State of the Motion, Servo and Power control implemented by smart and simple application tools, guarantee in addition to best results, “Cutting Costs by Technology” “, Commented Mr. Haim Monhait, Elmo’s CEO.

Platinum Maestro, Pure Control, Pure Genius 
The Platinum Maestro Exhibits Cutting Edge Motion Control Technologies, Fast & Simple Machine’s Development Process, Stable Throughput, Lasting Reliability and high Competitiveness .This  Controller incorporates an integral high-level computational Dual-core system ( 2×1.5 GHz) with limitless memory (RAM, ROM, and SD-Card), and onboard additional hardware peripherals. Extremely efficient and certified EtherCAT networking with cycle time down to 100µs afford precise and fast machine motion