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SPS Smart Production Solutions 2019

11月 26, 2019 – 11月 28, 2019  |  Nuremberg, Germany   |  Hall-4 , Stand-361

Here is why you should stop by our booth

A New Generation In Servo Density | Platinum Quartet

4 Axis (5500W each) Miniature Motion-Control System
On display for the first time @ SPS 2019

Among its products on display at SPS, Elmo will showcase the award winning Platinum Quartet.  The ultra-small 4-axis motion control system with advanced multi-axis capability, is integrated with 4 x 5kW powerful servo drives, and advanced safety and networking functionality. The Quartet module has recently won the MM modern manufacturing award 2019 for “Innovative product for automation and drive intelligent innovation” and was picked as “Editors’ choice” for the “Annual best product in industrial automation and instrumentation” by Control Engineering China. A Quartet demo station will be exhibited at Elmo’s booth, demonstrating the products vast capabilities.

Breaking the Boundaries of Servo | Gold Triple Twitter (270A)

The Gold Triple Twitter is an extreme power-density, ultra-high current servo drive, meant to drive the world’s most demanding applications. An evolution to the Gold Twitter miniature servo drive, the Triple is capable of driving up to 270A (60V) of continuous current, with unprecedented efficiency, and advanced on-board functionality. Its extreme current capability and compact form-factor make it ideal for applications requiring high power where there is limited space.

Up to 256 Axes of Motion | Platinum Maestro 

The ultimate machine controller, Platinum Maestro is a multi-axis networking motion-controller meant to operate the industry’s most complex machines and robotics. The Maestro is capable of mastering up to 256 axes, with networking capacity over EtherCAT or CANopen. Visit our booth for a live robotic demonstration of the Maestro in action.  

The Motion & Smart Safety Implementation Platform | Introducing the New EASII 2.7 

Visit our booth to experience the world’s leading motion implementation software. Elmo Application Studio 2.7 brings forward new tools and functionality to help create perfect motion with ease. With the latest release, the motion software is also integrated with a machine-safety implementation hub.

What’s new?

  • More tools for intuitive single & multi axis implementation
  • Functional Safety set-up and monitoring tools
  • Advanced recorder functionality
  • Maestro Configuration with more built-in Robotics Kinematics
  • Torque-Speed Calculator for optimized design
  • Maestro Script Manager with C# & C++ code generation
  • and much more.

16-Axis High Precision Die Pick and Place Machine

Powered by 8 Elmo dual-axis, fully integrated 5kW servo modules that offer a cable-carrier free solution combined with sensor-less force control.
Together with Elmo’s Platinum Maestro multi-axis controller coordinating the 21 axes over EtherCAT @ 500ms cycle, a 4 kHz bandwidth is achieved for high throughput die bonding.


Wafer probing machines go beyond boundaries by servo

A leading manufacturer for precision technologies for the semiconductor industry is now developing an advanced wafer probing inspection machine for highly automated, high-throughput, wafer testing.

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