Engineering Design Show 2019
Coventry, UK

Join us at the Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, for UK’s only event entirely dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design.

10月 16, 2019 – 10月 17, 2019  |  Coventry, UK   |  Stand D20


Distributed-Centralized Control
The Quartet – 4-Axis Miniature Motion-Control System

This revolutionary module serves as groundbreaking Distributed-Decentralized Control (DCC).  DCC is about the best of all worlds: high performing multi-axis control, with high-precision, high power safety integrated servo, operated by simple programming. The multi-axis safety integrated solution can simplify system design, cut costs, create space-saving, and reduce time-to-market.

Gold Triple Twitter | The Next Generation of Extreme Power Density

The Gold Triple Twitter is an extreme power-density, ultra-high current servo drive, meant to drive the world’s most demanding applications, where high precision and high reliability are mandatory.
It is a part of the Gold line of Elmo’s servo drives, and the evolution of the Gold Twitter miniature servo drive. Its extreme current capability and compact form-factor make it ideal for applications requiring high power where there is limited space. The Triple is a 270A (60V) intelligent servo drive which can be implemented in robotics, AGVs, mobile, and airborne application. The Triple Twitter complies with the strictest safety, EMC, electrical, and environmental standards.

Smart Safety | Huge Savings for Manufacturers

Elmo drives with advanced Functional Safety (IEC 61800-5-2, SIL-3) over EtherCAT, help manufacturers save money, hardware, and space, while increasing machine safety dramatically.

Platinum Maestro | Synchronize Any Multi-Axis System Seamlessly 

An orchestra needs a Maestro, and Elmo’s PMAS does exactly that.
With top-of-the-line motion functionality traits, advanced networking, and programing flexibility, the Platinum Maestro ensures seamless multi-servo-drives operation.

EASII 2.5 | Multi-Axis Motion Implementation Has Never Been Easier

The Industry’s leading motion software brings forward several new visual and recording tools offering
an improved user experience, and simplified motion implementation.

16-Axis High Precision Die Pick and Place Machine

Powered by 8 Elmo dual-axis, fully integrated 5kW servo modules that offer a cable-carrier free solution combined with sensor-less force control.
Together with Elmo’s Platinum Maestro multi-axis controller coordinating the 21 axes over EtherCAT @ 500ms cycle, a 4 kHz bandwidth is achieved for high throughput die bonding.