DSEI 2019

9月 10, 2019 – 9月 13, 2019
London, UK   |  Sibat Pavilion, Booth # S6-120

Servo & Motion for World’s Most Critical Missions

ExtrIQ technology is designed for missions requiring both extreme motion performance and harsh environment durability.
ExtrIQ technology combines Elmo’s world class servo performance, high efficiency operation, ultra small size and weight, together with the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.
Field proven for over 15 years, ExtrIQ products are driving the world’s toughest applications on the ground, in the air and underwater.

ExtrIQ – Absolute Reliability for Any Environment

Superior Multi-Axis Control ready for Extreme Environment, Unbeatable Servo
Performance, Efficient Real Time Networking


Ambient Operating Temperature

-40°C to +70°C

Thermal Shock

-40°C to +70°C within 3 min


-400 m to 12,000 m (-1312 to 39370 feet)

Relative Humidity

up to 95% non-condensing at 25°C
up to 90% non-condensing at 42°C


20 Hz –2000 Hz, 14.6 grms

Mechanical Shock


Ready-to-Use Inertial Platform Stabilization

Ready-to-use motion control solution for inertial platform stabilization, whether on ground, in air, or by sea.

Gold Triple Bee

Gold Triple Bee is an extreme power-density, ultra-high current servo drive, meant to drive the world’s most critical missions, where high precision and  high reliability are mandatory.

It is a part of the ExtrIQ line of harsh environment products, and the evolution of the Gold Bee miniature servo drive. Its extreme current capability and compact form-factor make it ideal for harsh environment applications requiring high power where there is limited space.  The Triple is a 270A (60V) intelligent servo drive that can operate in temperatures of -40°C to 70°C, and withstand mechanical shocks of up to 20G or vibrations of up to 14.6Grms (2kHz). It is ideal for applications such as airborne UAVs and heavy duty drones, turrets, firing stations, and general battery-operated missions.  The Triple Bee complies with the strictest safety, EMC, electrical, and environmental standards.

Platinum Lion

The Platinum-Lion (P-Lion), Elmo’s ExtrIQ version of the Platinum-Maestro is the world’s most advanced and ruggedized multi axis network motion controller, suitable for operation in any environment.

Based on the world’s most advanced motion controller – the Platinum Maestro, incorporating an integral high level computational dual-core system (2 x 1.5 GHz) with memory and onboard additional hardware peripherals, the P-Lion surges the boundaries of any machine, optimizing overall accuracy, speed and throughput of any system.

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