Elmo provides a comprehensive motion control solution tailored for the design and operation of diamond laser cutting systems. When it comes to the motion control technology behind diamond cutting, bruting and shaping machines, there is minimal room for error, therefore our solution ensures superior performance, high accuracy and throughput, and coordinated motion so as to cause minimal weight loss to the rough diamond.


The Motion Control requirements for diamond cutting include:

  • Real-time synchronized and smooth motion control and trajectory planning of:
  • X, Y axes to move with high velocity
  • Z axis for focusing
  • R axis for diamond rotation
  • Position-based PWM outputs to the laser power control
  • Steady feed rate for laser sawing process
  • Very low velocity jitter so that the operator observing the work piece through a camera sees the clearest image possible and not one distorted by motion
  • Strict laser on/off timing to cut only where specified to minimize weight loss
  • Constant vector speed to ensure smooth motion and therefore, a smooth not wavy cut

Fig. 1: Example of a diamond laser cutting machine with the GMAS multi-axis controller and 3 Elmo servo drives controlling 3 motors and a laser.

Elmo’s Diamond Cutting Solution Highlights:

  • High-power-high-density Gold servo drives controlling the X, Y, Z  and R motors as well as the laser’s power according to the path’s speed
  • Controlled PWM Outputs along the laser’s cutting path
  • The Gold Maestro (GMAS) distributed network controller (that can handle up to 100 axes), supports smooth trajectory planning with 5th Order Polynomial Calculations ensuring full jerk control and highly accurate and smooth continuity in velocity and accelerations over corners and arc motions (Fig. 3)
  • 2D, 3D Error Correction Support (Fig. 4): Error correction compensation for mechanical inaccuracies. This feature allows position corrections for 1D, 2D and 3D systems such as XY tables, etc.
  • Elmo Application Studio (EAS) design software that accelerates and simplifies the integration of any Elmo product into the system making the development of reliable, high-performance machines faster and more affordable.

Fig. 2: Elmo’s comprehensive motion control solution.

Fig.3: Graph showing Transition Curves: Arc segments that are inserted automatically by the GMAS pre-profiler module guarantee that every 2 consecutive motions are contentiously and smoothly mandated.

Fig. 4: 2D, 3D Error Correction Support