Changing “on the fly” the velocity/position gains and filters

Used In:

  • High demand servo applications
  • Systems with low feedback resolution
  • Loads with different mechanical behavior in different positions
  • High resonance systems

Elmo’s servo drives “Gain Scheduling” automatically adjusts the controller and filter’s speed, position or profile parameters.  It is calculating the actual motor status as per to the above parameters and changing the controller accordingly on the fly.
There are 4 Gain scheduling options to choose from and each option contains various methods to work with.

1.  Gain scheduling by speed command (or sensor) required when,
– Plant differences between low-speed and high-speed behavior
– Lack of feedback information in low speed
2.  Gain scheduling by position command (or sensor) required when,
mechanical variations according to motor position.
3.  Gain scheduling by profile status (“Best Settling” scheduling) required when,
high performance of settling time is needed.
4.  Gain scheduling by Filter schedule index this manually mode selected by
Object 0x2E00 low 8 bits.

There are up to 63 controllers in the position/speed loop. You can use a specific controller or let the gain scheduling mechanism choose a controller automatically according to the selected method.


Scheduling by velocity command

Design Features

  • Automatic adjustment “on the fly” of position/velocity parameters
  • Ideal for optimizing performance of variant loads
  • Very smooth, stable and fast velocity at different operation scenario
  • Ideal for extreme operation requirements

For more information please contact our motion control experts.

For more information please contact our motion control experts.

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