Shape the controller/feedback to improve machine performance

Used In:

  • Signal attenuation or amplification at specific frequencies
  • Phase adjustments at specific frequencies
  • General applications

Shaping specific operating parameters of a machine using high order filters can dramatically improve its performance. For complex applications that require high bandwidth, using multiple filters is critical to eliminating excess machine vibration.

Elmo provides standard and advanced filters via the Elmo Application Studio (EAS) to tune the controller and adjust feedbacks. Many filtering operations are automatic, but when needed, an engineer can take complete control over all high order filters, including:

  • Low Pass filters
  • Notch/Anti-Notch filters
  • Lead Lag filters
  • General second-order filters

Elmo also enables filter adjustments via gain schedule, using specified conditions of velocity, position or profile.

Filters can be located at the position controller, velocity controller or velocity feedback. All adjustments are made in physical units (Hz, dB, degrees, etc).

The EAS can use either Bode or Nichols charting methods to represent a machine operation.

Design Features

  • Fully interactive off-line tuning using EAS
  • Automatic, built-in tuner selects the correct low pass and notch filters
  • Up to 11 high order filters available simultaneously
  • Up to 3 gain schedule filters of 63 values each

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