Fine control over drive motion using real-time velocity and position data

Used In:

  • Point-to-Point motions
  • When highest accuracy is needed for settling time

Gain scheduling enables fine-tuned control over servo motion velocity and position. It provides the user with the capability to change the drive’s gains on-the-fly according to its motion in real time.
Elmo’s 3-step gain scheduling provides dedicated, configurable parameters for servo motion in different stages:

  • Stage 1: The axis is standing (no motion)
  • Stage 2: The axis is in motion
  • Stage 3: Immediately after the motion ends (a configurable period)

The following graphs show how an example of how gain scheduling can improve settling performance at the end of a motion. On the left is the velocity profile with a detailed before-and-after zoom of gain scheduling effects. On the right is a before-and-after position error plot of gain scheduling effects.

Gain scheduling is easily configured using the Elmo Application Studio (EAS):

Design Features

  • Enables fine control over the drive motion at selected stages
  • Drive controller gains are changed on-the-fly, in real time
  • Easily configured by the EAS

For more information please contact our motion control experts.

For more information please contact our motion control experts.

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