The Gold Oboe series of high voltage, direct-to-mains intelligent servo drives is now available with an enhanced version with increased current
up to 16A /230VAC (up to 5kW).

Elmo Motion Control (Elmo), a leading provider of advanced motion solutions, announces a new ultra-high current Gold-Oboe version.  This will allows machine builders to power high-torque servo motors, yet consume little cabinet space.

As part of Elmo’s continuous efforts to bring advanced motion solutions for motion critical application, we identified a market need for high voltage servo drives, with higher current capability.  Based on Elmo’s 30 year know-how in high power-density servo technology, we were able to push the envelope with an higher than ever 230VAC Gold Oboe, now capable of driving motors with up to 16A (up to 5kW)

The Gold Oboe is a series of intelligent super compact, super-efficient servo drives that operates directly from mains via 3-Phase or Single Phase. With peaking capability of over 10,000W, ultra-fast response, wide bandwidth, better than 1:2000 current loop dynamic range and build in powerful regeneration the G-Oboe is a perfect servo drive for applications requiring very high dynamics, extremely precise, smooth and very low speed processing combined with rapid movements. Gold Oboe drives are equipped with high-speed EtherCAT and Safety Torque Off (STO – SIL3). Additional version of the Gold Oboe are available for 3 phase 480VAC input as well, with max continuous current up to 10A.

Elmo answers the need for more advanced and innovative motion control solutions by delivering technology that ensures 98% power conversion efficiency, higher quality and great flexibility. Elmo’s advanced solutions are used in a wide range of motion control applications that require high-performance servo operations.