Configure and tune a drive for a specific application

Used In:

  • All applications

For any motion application, each drive needs to be configured correctly to use the appropriate motor, current, feedbacks and other system features. The drive also needs to be tuned precisely in order to achieve the required performance.
Elmo provides a dedicated wizard in the Elmo Application Studio (EASII) to easily perform these tasks for any servo motor:

Elmo’s advanced tuning wizard includes the following settings:

    • Axis Configurations – Define the application
    • Motor and Feedback – Define motor and feedback parameters
    • Limits and Protections – Define the current, velocity and position limits as well as and protection parameters
    • Application Setting – Digital I/O and settling window
    • Current Loop – Identify the motor and design, verify the current controller
    • Commutation – Calibrate the sin/cos encoder, define the motor direction, and feedbacks, and determine the number of poles
    • Velocity and Position – Identify the mechanical system and design, and verify the velocity/position controller with its many advanced filters

Design Features

    • Part of the Elmo Application Studio (EASII)
    • Commutation wizard can recognize non-standard wiring configurations
    • Enables advanced design options
    • Provides powerful identification methods

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